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Fall in love with the wilderness – spring in Lieksa

Lieksa spring

Fall in love with the wilderness – spring in Lieksa

Spring is a beautiful time, and there’s no better place to experience it than in Lieksa. Located in eastern Finland, Lieksa is a small town known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. As the snow melts and the temperatures rise, Lieksa comes alive with vibrant colours, lush greenery,  fragrant scents and exciting activities for visitors to enjoy. It is a truly unique experience to follow Finnish nature awake after winter. The forests are full of flowers and fauna, such as lilies of the valley and hepaticas during the spring season. In addition, the meadows are stunningly beautiful when the flowers burst into bloom. These meadows can be seen in the valleys between rolling hills in the former cultivation fields of small Finnish farms, sheltered by the hills. 

Spring activities in Lieksa

For those seeking adventure, spring is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and kayaking. The trails and waterways around Lieksa are free from snow and ice, making it easy to explore the area’s natural beauty.  You can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, including ancient forests, and pristine lakes.

Koli and Patvinsuo National Parks, Ruunaa Recreation Area, Reposuo, which is part of the wetlands protection program, and many others offer great hiking opportunities in Lieksa. There are various trails in the areas, from easy local routes to demanding paths in the hills and multi-day hiking routes, so you can choose a route according to your own level of demand. Along the routes, there are also fireplaces and resting areas for enjoying a break and some snacks during the hike. You can read more about trails and routes here

Lakeview Lieksa

The streams and rapids that run through the town gain momentum with the snowmelt, creating a powerful and awe-inspiring sight. The beginning of spring in Lieksa also marks the liberation of lakes from the ice cover. This is an exciting time for boating enthusiasts, as they can finally take their boats out onto the lakes and rivers for the fishing season. The town’s many lakes and ponds offer a fantastic opportunity for fishing and boating, surrounded by stunning scenery and the peaceful sounds of nature.

The fast-flowing river and rapids in Ruunaa, with their shady riverbanks, continue to draw anglers year after year who try their luck in fishing. In addition to the vast Lake Pielinen, there are numerous other lakes, rivers, and ponds that provide fishing opportunities throughout the year. One of the specialities in Lieksa is Musta Mäntyjärvi, a lake known for its giant pikes.

fishing in Finland

Wildlife and birdwatching

Another popular springtime activity in Lieksa is wildlife and birdwatching. The nature surrounding the town is home to a diverse range of bird species and animals, such as wolverines. Visitors can explore the town’s many nature reserves and parks to spot these feathered friends and enjoy the stunning scenery of the Finnish wilderness. The Teretin bird tower in Patvinsuo National Park and Surkansuo are excellent destinations for bird watching. 

You can observe the magnificent Finnish landscapes, vegetation, and birdlife of Surkansuo from the birdwatching tower. Surkansuo is an excellent destination for families with children.

bird watching

In Lieksa, there are numerous nature observation towers from which you can admire the surrounding nature. For example, from the Räsävaara observation tower, you can see magnificent views of Koli National Park in every direction. The landscapes are at their best during sunrise and sunset. Reposuo nature tower is also a great place to admire the surrounding nature. As far as the eye can see there are beautiful colours of moss,  and you can experience the powerful scent of the swamp, the sounds of birds, and the whispers of the wind. The tops of the hills and high points along the trails in Koli National Park are also stunning scenic spots, as well as the views from the banks of the rapids. 

sunset in Koli

At photography hides by a local entrepreneur Erä-Eero, you can watch and take pictures of wolverines and forest landscapes. The hides have been placed in the Keljänpuro forest landscape and the Uuronlampi lake landscape.  From the Uuronlampi hides, there is a beautiful view of the clear-watered lake, whose edges are covered with reeds and sedges in early summer. On the opposite shore, the old spruce forest of the Natura 2000 area rises impressively. It is possible to get great reflection and water-crossing images of wolverines, bears, and with luck, also wolves from the animal crossing bridge over the stream.


In addition to large predators, the lake offers plenty of other subjects to enjoy and photograph. You can see swans, mallards, tufted ducks, and coots feeding on waterfowl. Occasionally visiting stars are grey herons, loons, black grouse, hawks, and sea and white-tailed eagles. All in all, the lake offers a diverse photography environment and a wide range of species to delight photographers. 

The Keljänpuro forest hides are smaller hides for two to three people, set against a backdrop of a pine forest with occasional birch trees. There are a total of 20 openings in the five hides. The distances for taking pictures range from two meters to about fifty meters. In addition to wolverines, bears also visit the photography site and occasionally foxes and wolves as well. Woodpeckers, nuthatches, and ravens also frequent the area.

animal watching

In conclusion, there are several activities to enjoy in Lieksa during the spring season. Bike, hike, go fishing, and enjoy the lakes and rivers after the ice has melted away. Breathe in nature and get amazed by all the colours and scents. The town of Lieksa also hosts various events, which is a great way to experience the town’s unique traditions and connect with its friendly residents.

Overall, Lieksa is a wonderful place to visit during the springtime, offering a truly unique experience with its colourful landscapes, fragrant scents, and powerful streams and rapids. So if you’re looking for a destination that celebrates the beauty of spring, be sure to add Lieksa to your travel list!