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Natural sites
Vorna Museum Road

Vornan maisematien näkymä

Significant cultural landscape of lakes and eskers

A 2.7-km long gravel road in a scenic lake and esker area in Kelvä, on the Lieksa–Joensuu border, about 30 km from the centre of Lieksa in the direction of Joensuu. Next to the road there is a memorial of a battle in the year 1808 in the Finnish War between Sweden and Finland. The area is a listed as a culturally and historically significant area. The road is known for its rich history and breath-takingly beautiful views, and it can easily be reached by car or by bike.

Vornan tien kieloja
Vornan maisematien harjua
Talvinen Vornan museotie ja opasteet
Vornan maisematien näkymä

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