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Ukonsärkkä–Jäkäläkangas Nature Conservation Area

Close to the Finnish-Russian border, very few people come to Ukonsärkkä by accident – which is a very good reason to visit this wilderness pearl. One cannot but praise the beauty of this area, perfect for day trips. The magnificent esker and old forests offer views that many can only dream of or admire in postcards. In Ukonsärkkä those views just happen to be real.

Peace and quiet and famous scenery.

At Ukonsärkkä you can still find peace and quiet, although at Ukonlampi lean-to-shelter you might encounter others in search of solitude of the wilderness. A short Ukonpolku Trail goes through the area, offering the most beautiful views of the surrounding ponds and mire areas. Ukonsärkkä is a protected area, an old-growth forest reserve maintained by Metsähallitus.

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