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Military history
Rukajärvi Centre

Military history of Rukajärvi in photos, maps and letter

Located in Lieksa railway station, Rukajärvi centre exhibits thousands of photos, artefacts and digitalised interviews and documents from the battles of the Continuation War front in Rukajärvi. Besides exhibiting art, photo material and maps, the centre also highlights the importance of railways in the transporting the provisions. Of the 35 000 men in service in the area between 1941 and 1944 2 750 were lost. Their information is stored in the centre.

On guided tours you can visit the centre and also Rukajärventie military road.

Contact information

Asema-aukio 2, 81700 Lieksa (Rautatieasema)

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Opastetut retket:
Haluttaessa Lieksan matkailuoppailta 040 549 5808 tai .

Lippujen hinnat:
Aikuiset 8 €, lapset 7-17v. 3 €, perhelippu 20 €, ryhmät 6 €/hlö (väh. 20 henkilöä), sotaveteraanit ja lotat maksutta.

Lipunmyynti ja tiedustelut (Lieksan Tukipiste):
013 521 929 tai 045 170 8979

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