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Kontiovaara-Ulkkasärkät scenic road

A breath-taking esker road in splendid Finnish landscape

Kontiovaara scenic road is approx. 9 km long gravel road set in beautiful Finnish lake and forest landscape, approx. 18 km from Lieksa centre. After admiring the views while driving along the road, you can continue exploring the area on foot: at the end of the road from the Pieni Ritojärvi parking area you can continue along a 5.5-km long Ritojärvi Trail.

Ritojärven suomaisemia
Vanhoja puita Ritojärvellä
Partisaanien uhrien muistomerkki Kontiovaarantiellä
Ulkkasärkkien maisematie

Memorial for the victims of Soviet partisans

The memorial for the victims of Soviet partisans’ attacks in Kontiovaara village during World War II is located near Kontiovaara road close to Pieni Ritojärvi parking area. The memorial, unveiled in 1962, commemorated both the fallen soldier and civilian killed in the attacks. The memorial is only a short distance from Ritojärvi Trail and easily visited.

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