Natural sites
Änäkäinen Recreational Forest

A diverse day trip destination filled with history

Änäkäinen area, which is approx. 8 km from the Finnish-Russian border, offers not only significant war history sights but great hiking and outdoor recreation. The lakes, in the middle of the forests maintained with respect, await the anglers. The area is perfect for day trips, but those who like to sleep in lean-to shelters there are also places to spend the night.

Hikers’ choice – routes for longer treks

There are good news for you, if after a refreshing visit you are keen on exploring the area on longer hikes: you can continue hiking along Karhunpolku Trail which traverses Änäkäinen. Karhunpolku Trail leads to Patvinsuo National Park in the south and in the north to Teljo in Kuhmo. Thanks to the numerous campfire site, other facilities and lean-to shelters every hiker can walk in their own pace.

Contact information

Kivivaarantie, 81970 Jongunjoki

020 639 5654

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