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Military history

War time fortifications and anti-tank obstacles

At Änäkäinen the Kivivaarantie Road, which leads to the Finnish-Russian border, is divided by impressive anti-tank obstacle boulders. During the Continuation War the road was known as Rukajärventie, an iconic battle site. Those seeking to feel the atmosphere of the Winter and Continuation Wars can combine the visit to the military history sights to recreation in the Änäkäinen area.

Visiting Salpa Line defence line

The military history of the area covers the last Finnish wars starting from the battles of Winter War, the building of the Salpa Line and the Continuation War fortifications. On the southern part of the area there are three hiking trails with information board about the military history. On the northern part of the area there is also a short circuit trail which goes around Lake Saarijärvi, also known as Iso-Änäkäinen, an excellent place for fishing.

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