Pikkukili Adventure Park

Adventure park for families.

At the Pikkukili Adventure Park, you can find out about several animal species, from small guinea pigs to handsome emus and exotic llamas.

During the summer, we have up to more than 200 animals, the 11-hectare area is easily accessible by wheelchair too. There is a good beach in our area and you can enjoy your own snacks in the cosy huts. In the summer, it is nice to take a plunge in our pond from the water trampoline and enjoy the treats available at the kiosk. You can also enjoy your own snacks in the pleasant huts of which there are many in our area.

The area also has a kiosk, which has a large terrace for enjoying homemade donuts and admiring the stunning fell views.

Contact information

Salonkyläntie 90, 81570 KELVÄ

+358 40 5862 863, +358 40 7690 743